Unit for rent. Available April 2016!!!

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Unit for rent. Available April 2016!!!

Post  aaron on Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:50 pm

1 block b unit for rent
Fully furnish:
Kitchen hood and hob
Dining table with 6 chairs
Built-in shoe cabinet
Built-in bar top
Kitchen cabinet
5 air conditioners and 5 fans
2 water heaters
2 queen size beds, 2 single beds with mattress
All rooms with cupboard, except small room with book shelf
All rooms and living room with curtains
Main door, wet kitchen, back room installed with grille
Wet kitchen with sliding windows
4 seater sofa
Tv cabinet
Dressing table at master bedroom
1 car park near block b lift

Tenants are welcomed to contact owner at malstores@gmail.com


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